Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Horrible Nursery Design

A Photo blog post because pictures paint a thousand words.
The floor shouldn't be the most interesting thing in a garden.
And here the children can't even look up without sensory stimulation overload.
I wonder if they call this "The Ladybird Room"?
Very very open plan. Every child can see every other child and every toy at all times.
It maximises distractions. Would a couple of low partitions hurt?
My eyes hurt!

Because putting children's artwork on the walls would distract from the architecture?
A nursery to avoid. It looks like they put the building first and the children second.
Not open ended. I don't like roadways in nurseries. Why not just have them as lines
that could be turned into rivers or snakes or whatever by the children's imaginations?
I do like all the planters making it maze like.
And in this one the nursery owners forgot to tick the 'no giant giraffe' box.
(Quite like it though!)

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