Saturday, 7 September 2013

Pink Stinks!

Somewhere there is a boardroom of a toy company assessing new items for their range. A designer holds up a nice green spade. It's well built, durable, safe, and looks fun. The board is not happy.
"But why should we sell a spade that only appeals to half the population?" asks a man with a moustache like a walrus. "There's no way a...a...a...."
"Girl, your Lordship?" Suggests a lackey.
"Yes! A girl! there's now way a girl could possibly use that!"
"If a girl were to use a spade like that she would grow up to make a terrible wife!" Wheezes another dusty old fossil.
"They would turn into a lesbian!" Says a third.
The designer smiles and from under the desk produces another spade. It's pink and has pictures of high heels and cupcakes all over it. The board all laugh with relief at the designer who played such a marvellous prank on them all. Imagine suggesting a girl play with something that isn't pink! The very idea!!!

A pink globe. Because girls refuse to believe the sea is blue.

Toys for children on the right. Toys for girls on the left.

Because girls can only handle half as many functions as boys?
A campaign against the pinkification of toys.

Say "no!" to pointless pinkness!

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