Friday, 12 July 2013


Long time no posty! Holiday out of internet range. Back to normal now though.

Labels. "Label everything" they say. Labels on boxes of toys telling you what's in them. Labels in the rooms telling you which areas are which. But labels on a door saying "Door"? Why? I admit that some staff are so stupid they could get stuck in rooms because they can't find the flaps in walls we call doors, but children aren't stupid. There are thousands of things around a nursery that would genuinely benefit from having a label so why insult everybodies intelligence and label the bleeding obvious?
If you get told you have to label the doors in your nursery don't forget to write "Label" on a bit of card and stick it underneath the label that says "Door". Then you'll need a label for the label that says "Label"....etc.

This is a door

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